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SAP HANA on Power 10

The world is changing, industry revolution is happened again. Everything must go faster, but more efficient and effective. How technology can be part of it? By become simpler and more flexible in business process and practices. The best practice in this regard is, the use of SAP HANA on premise. It has brought a lot of changes and benefits for business who already transformed. The business process is refined by the high speed of transaction processing and reporting of SAP HANA. This is the main advantages of SAP HANA over ECC. It allows planning, execution, report and analysis in a snap. As said before, the best practices is use SAP HANA on premise. That mean SAP HANA must run on the best machine that built for it, which is IBM POWER 9.

IBM power system came with a stronger per core-processor. It designed for intense data processing and have a built in SAP certified virtualization solution that provide flexibility and availability advantages. To accommodate the high need of RAM from SAP HANA, IBM Power 9 have a scale up CPU featured buffered memory interfaces, enabling many more memory modules and therefore multiple TB per socket. Last but not least, IBM has always focus on high end performance. With scale up support for 16 sockets and many threads persocket. This result in high throughput for SAP HANA on fewer socket, enabling other workloads to run alongside AI and analytics.

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